4smarts Universal Waterproof Case Active Pro SEASHELL for Tablets 7-8 inch

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4smarts Seashell
• Color: black
• In stock
• Manufacturer: Armor-X 
• Model: Waterproof Case Active Pro SEASHELL
• Product number: 4S467275
Stay on course with the 4smarts Active Pro Seashell case for every high-sea adventure. With this waterproof tablet case, your device is protected against rain, wind and waves. This opens up unimaginable possibilities, such as the use of the tablet as a navigation device, GPS receiver or entertainment system on the high seas.
The universal fit allows you to use various tablets. Thanks to the Active Pro system and its wide range of perfectly fitting mounts you can fixate the case securely and perfectly protected everywhere. And even if you let the case fall down the sturdy and extreme material it is made from still protects your tablet from scratches and other damages.
Additionally, the system is compatible with mounts of action camera producers like GoPro, Nilox, AEE, Midland or Xiaomi.
The enormous compatibility and the wide range of application areas make this latch system, in contrast to restricted systems, to a perfect partner in every situation.
Remove the film that is on the rails adhesive surface. Attach the rail centered. The easiest way to do this is by pointing the arrow on the case to the arrow of the rail. Now the tablet can be connected easily and quickly to Active Pro or action cam holders. Simply insert the Active Pro adapter into the rail until it locks by itself
Dive into your next adventure. The 4smarts Seashell case protects your tablet reliably during all water activities. Universal fit for tablets from 7-8"
Waterproof in compliance with the IPX7 standard (Water protected against temporary sumbegence)
Engineered polycarbonate case
Touch screen stays fully functional
Designed for outdoor activities
2 different camera cut-outs for a multitude of tablet models
Shutters for maximum device protection in the case
Adhesive 4smarts Active Pro mount system
Suction pad for fixing the tablet in the case
Integrated 3.5 mm audio cable

Perfectly usable for:
- Resting on the beach
- Navigate on the high seas
- Sailing
- Driving a motor boat
- Working

Compatible with all devices with the maximum dimensions of 200 x 135 x 8

- Allview - Viva H7 Xtreme, Viva H7
- Apple - iPad Mini 3, Mini 3 LTE
- Archos - 70 Oxygen
- ionik - TM3 Serie 1 7.85 Zoll
- Kiano - Slimtab 7 3GR
- Samsung - Galaxy Tab S2 8 LTE

Package contains:
- 4smarts Active Pro universal waterproof case SEASHELL for tablets, 7-8"
- Adhesive 4smarts Active Pro adapter male (compatible with all Active Pro mounts)
- Suction pad for fixing the tablet in the case

• Warranty: 24 months

Product number (item): 31018

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