4smarts USB-C to USB-C & 3.5mm Splitter SoundSplit Mini (black)

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Short description
• 4smarts USB-C Adapter
• Color: white
• In stock
• Производител: 4Smarts
• Model: 4smarts USB-C to USB-C & 3.5mm Audio and Charging Splitter
• Factory number: 4S468706
• EAN: 4250774983603
• Listening to music while charging the device? The 4smarts SoundSplit Mini makes it possible. This clever gadget enables you to connect for example a 3.5mm headset and a charger simultaneously to the USB-C port of your device.
• USB-C to USB-C charging and 3.5mm stereo adapter
• Suitable for any device that is equipped with a USB-C connector
• Connect for example a headset with 3.5mm connector and a charger simultaneously

• Compatibility: devices with USB-C port

• Explanation on passive adapters:
Like most of the adapters on the market, this is a passive, analogue adapter. To ensure full functionality, it is required that the used smartphone supports an analogue signal on its USB-C port. Whether the smartphone supports this feature or not can vary from phone model to phone model. If you are facing troubles to find this information about your device, 4smarts recommends purchasing an active adapter (e.g. 4smarts article number 468672) instead.  Active adapters have a built in D/A controller and amplifier, to ensure the functionality – no matter if the D/A controller is included in your smartphone or not.
• Consumer note: Only supports the simultaneous charging and listening to music, but not phone calls or recording voice messages.

• Attention: the adapter is "passive" which means that it does NOT have an integrated DAC
• Warranty: 24 months

Product number (item): 41206

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