Baseus Dual USB & USB-C QC 4.0 Car Charger 45W (black)

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• Baseus Car Charger
• Color: black
• In stock
• Manufacturer: Baseus
• Model: Dual USB & USB-C QC 4.0 Car Charger
• Factory number: CCMLC20C-01
• EAN: 6953156293182
• Intelligent car charger with LED voltage/power display and support of all most popular quick charge technology
• Compendium of fast charging – Accessory supports all most popular fast charging technologies: Power Delivery 3.0 (PD 3.0), Quick Charge (QC 4.0 + QC 3.0 + QC 2.0), SCP + FCP (Huawei), AFC (Samsung), MTK (MediaTek).
• Also for notebooks – Thanks to USB-C PD port you can power up your laptop or notebook (even MacBook). Provides the same charging speed as the original charging device.
• Voltage/power display – Thanks to the LED voltage/power display you know the charging state all the time. Also, accessory shows real-time input voltage/battery voltage so it can do a little bit of analysis car battery condition. Digital display switches display content in every 5 seconds.
• Car battery diagnostics – With LED digital display classification indication charging status is clear at a glance. Also, the battery voltage. And, 13.3V-14.8V is a normal voltage after start-up. 12.0V-13.2V is voltage when the engine is not started. But when the display shows voltage that is less than 12V better check or even replace the battery.
• 2 devices at the same time – Two output ports (USB and USB-C PD) = charging 2 devices simultaneously. Without waiting in line to get some energy for your device.
• Durable and reliable – Made of premium quality materials: ABS + PC. Fireproof, temperature-resistant & inflaming retarding.
• Dual smart chip – Each port is controlled by one of the 2 chips that provide highly efficient operating and adjust proper current to the connected device based on intelligent identification technology. Optimum speed of charging without unnecessary risk.
• 6 levels of protection – Over current, over discharging, over power, over voltage, overheating and short circuit. Complete security for your smartphone and power bank itself.
• Steady plug – Anti-skid shrapnel make's it steady even on most bumping roads. Charging will not be interrupted.
• Wide compatibility – Applicable to most mainstream vehicles. Small cars, off-road vehicles, vans, and other 12-24V models.
• Input: DC 12-24V
• Output:
- USB: 4.5V/5A, 5V/4.5A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 20V/2.25A
- USB-C (PD): 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/2.25A
- USB-C PD + USB: 5V/6A (max)
• Dimensions: 60 x ф30 mm
• Weight: 25 g

• Compatibility: all mobile devices up to 5A

 Note 1: 20V output can only be realized while inputting 24V vehicle model (large trucks)
 Note 2: It must be used together with the original USB cable or Baseus official USB cable

Warranty: 24 months

Product number (item): 40807

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