Baseus Smartphone IR Remote Controller

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• Baseus Diffuser
• Color: white
• In stock
• Manufacturer: Baseus
• Model: IR Remote Controller
• Factory number: ACMR03-01
• EAN: 6953156292284
• Download the APP to control and support up to thousands of home appliances, television, DVD, air-conditioning and so on
• Mobile phone instantly turned into remote controller with Micro versatile controller
• Special infrared chip used for steady transmission over 10m distance
• Small and portable, you can put it on key ring
• It is not only IR remote control but also dust cover for smartphone
• Suitable for: smartphone with Micro port
• Material: aluminum alloy + silicone
• Transmission range: 10m
• APP: ZaZa Remote, remote master
• In the box:
- 1 х Baseus R03 Smartphone Micro IR Wireless Remote Control
- 1 x manual
- 1 x warranty card

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Rate Baseus Smartphone IR Remote Controller - дистанционно за управление на домашна техника с microUSB конектор, работещо с приложение за смартфони
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