Belkin 27W + 12W USB-C/A Dual Home Charger (silver)

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• Belkin 27W + 12W
• Color: silver
• In stock
• Manufacturer: Belkin
• Model: 27W + 12W USB-C/A Dual Home Charger
• Part no.: F7U061vf-SLV
• EAN: 745883760688
• Charge a new USB-C smartphone and an existing USB-A device simultaneously with this 2-port, 27 Watt wall charger. With two fully-powered independent ports, 15 Watts delivers fast, optimal charging to your USB-C smartphone, while a guaranteed 12 Watt port ensures fast charging for your USB-A device. This 2-in-1 charger is the perfect accompaniment to your new USB-C device, showing a commitment to new technology, without leaving legacy devices behind.
• The charger’s 27 Watt total output is split between the USB-C port and the USB-A port. With USB-C devices capable of using more power to charge faster, this helps to deliver optimal charging for all your devices. USB-C devices can draw a guaranteed 15 Watts from the charger if required while USB-A devices can draw up to 12 Watts from the charger simultaneously. Dedicated, independent power allowances ensure fast, safe charging for old and new devices alike.
• OPTIMAL CHARGING USB-C - A dedicated 15 Watt USB-C port ensures optimal charging for USB-C smartphones – up to 50% faster than 5 Watt charging. The charger also offers standard charging for larger USB-C devices such as tablets. The reversible USB-C port allows for easy connection as it’s impossible to plug in upside-down.
A dedicated 12 Watt USB-A port will optimally charge larger USB-A devices at optimal speed
• UNIVERSAL USB-A PORT - A dedicated 12 Watt USB-A port will deliver enough power to optimally charge larger USB-A devices such as tablets at optimal speed, up to 40% faster than 5 Watts. The universal USB-A port is paired with an internal chipset which automatically detects the connected device to deliver the right amount of power for optimal charging. With many devices connecting via USB-A, this means extensive compatibility across different brands, like Samsung and Apple, and across different devices like tablets, action
• 27 Watt, 2-port charging
• 1 x 15W USB-C port
• 1 x 12W USB-A port
• Universal chipset for compatibility
• Fully-powered independent ports (not shared)
• Soft touch metallic finish
• Warranty: 24 months

Product number (item): 40729

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