Elago S6 Outfit Aluminum and Polycarbonate Dual Case for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S + HD Professional Extreme Clear Film

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• Elago S6 Outfit
• Color: silver
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• Manufacturer: Elago
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S6 Outfit
• Give your iPhone 6 an Outfit! Dual design of hard polycarbonate and solid aluminum gives your iPhone a modern look that complements your iPhone's style.
• Every minimalists dream; the Outfit case offers the maximum protection that a low-profile case has to offer. This ultra slim case offers scratch and corner protection. Slight lift allows your iPhone to be placed screen-side down on flat surfaces and offers some screen protection when drops occur.
• Anti-Ghost Camera cutout allows the camera to be used without any interference from the case. No more reflected flash or ghosting!
• Direct, easy access to all buttons and ports on your iPhone 6.
• Designed by elago in California and made in Korea to ensure the use of non-hazardous chemicals.

• Clothe your iPhone 6 with the style it deserves. The elago S6 Outfit case is a unique blend of hard Polycarbonate and solid aluminum which not only protects your iPhone, but makes a fashion statement. With the various color combinations available, you can mix and match your iPhone with your wardrobe, personality, or even your favorite sports teams!
• Corner protection and raised screen protection means less damage to your iPhone. Lay your iPhone screen-side down on a flat surface with no issues! The Outfit is perfect for any minimalist's style. You dress yourself with your personal style; dress your iPhone up too!
• High Quality Dual coating on the S6 Outfit case improves grip and texture; coating also is particularly excellent in preventing otitis and is resistant to residue from everyday life.
• Complete access to all buttons and ports on your iPhone 6; Lightning adapter and cable can be used without removing the case. Anti-Ghost camera cutout optimizes camera usage and stops known negative camera phenomena from occurring.
• Elago S6 Outfit was designed in California and made in Korea. We manufactured the Outfit cases in Korea to ensure quality control and the use of non-toxic chemicals; this is purely for the customer. We appreciate your patronage and it is shown through our products!
• Warranty: 24 months

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