Fitbit Aria Air Smart Scale - Wireless Scale for iOS, Android and Windows Phones (white)

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Fitbit Smart Scale
• Color: white
• In stock
• Manufacturer: Fitbit
• Model: Aria Air
• Part No.: FB203WT
• EAN: 811138038106
• Weight + More - Tracks more than weight by showing your BMI in the Fitbit app
• Charts + Graphs - See your trends and track progress in easy-to-read charts & graphs on the Fitbit dashboard
• Multiple Users - Aria Air syncs individual stats to the Fitbit app when your phone is connected to the scale
• Easy Smartphone Setup - Set up your scale in minutes. Use your smartphone's Bluetooth technology
• Wireless Syncing - Aria Air syncs via a Bluetooth connection only
• Works With Fitbit App - See your progress over time and get the motivation to keep pushing towards your goals
• Tracker Compatible - Works with Fitbit watches and wristbands so you can get a better understanding of how your activity impacts your weight

• Sensors and Components:
- Weight and BMI: Four load cells measure weight. BMI is calculated and displayed based on weight and height.

• Display:
- Backlit LCD display
- Displays weight, BMI and user selection
- Units in pounds, kilograms, or stones

• Battery and Power:
- Aria Air uses 3 AAA batteries—no power cord necessary
• Materials:
- Tempered glass platform
- ABS bottom housing

• Size: 29.97 x 2.54 x 29.97 cm.
• Weight: 1.77 kg.

• Warranty: 24 months

Product number (item): 42457

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