Google Pixel USB-C to USB-C Cable (120 cm) (white) (bulk)

9.99 €. incl. VAT
Short description

Google USB-C Cable
• Color: white
• Out of stock

• Manufacturer: Google
• Model: Pixel USB-C to USB-C Cable

• USB Type-C cable
Reversible for convenience
Constructed with premium materials for durability
Transfer data between your computer and phone at USB 2.0 speed
120 cm long cable

Compatibility: all devices with USB-C port

• The product comes in bulk package

• Warranty: 24 months

Product number (item): 41194

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Rate Google Pixel USB-C to USB-C Cable - USB-C към USB-C 2.0 кабел за устройства с USB-C порт (120 см) (бял) (bulk)
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Николай Тенев wrote
Един от най-добрите USB-C to USB-C кабели