High-Temperature Resistant Tape 20mm x 30m

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Short description

• Resistant Tape
• Color: yellow
• In stock
• Length: 30 m
• Width: 20 mm
• Type: adhesive products
• Product name: polyimide adhesive tape
• Product description: polyimide tape, also known as tape, commonly known as resistance to high temperature tape, goldfinger tape
• Prevent welding tape, hot melt adhesive tape, on polyimide film as the backing material, adopt different adhesives to achieve different levels of heat-resistant.
• Product features: with high temperature resistant polyimide tape, electrical insulation, radiation resistance, solvent resistance and other properties.
• Color: tea color
• Short-term temperature resistance 300 deg;C )
• Long-term temperature resistance 260 (deg;C )
• Adhesion: 6 (N / 25 mm)
• Withstand voltage: 6 kV
• Warranty: 24 months

Product number (item): 35205

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