HTC Travel Charger Set TC P350 microUSB & extUSB

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HTC Travel Charger
• Color: black
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• Manufacturer: HTC
• Model: Travel Charger TC P350
Contents: Travel charger TC P300, 4 Adapter (for USA, Europe, UK, Australia), DC M410 microUSB cable, DC U300 ExtUSB Cable, bag
Technical data:
- Input: 100-240V 50-60Hz
- Output: 5V / 1000mA
- Standard USB port (type A)
- 1x cable standard USB to microUSB (DC-M410)
- 1x cable standard USB to extUSB (DC-U300)

Compatible with devices that can be charged via micro-USB, like e.g.: Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100,Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300, iPhone 5, Galaxy Note, Note 2, Motorola Defy+, Motorola RAZR, Nokia Lumia, HTC Bravo, Buzz, Desire, Desire HD, Desire Z, HD2, HD7, HD Mini, Legend, Leo, 7 Mozart, Photon, Nexus One, Spark, Wildfire, Wildfire S, Gratia, 7 Trophy, 7 Pro, ChaCha, Salsa, Desire S, Incredible S, Sensation (Pyramid), Rhyme, Titan, Radar, SensationXL, OneV (Primo), OneS (Ville), OneX / OneX+ (Endeavour), DesireC (Golf), DesireX (Proton), WindowsPhone8S (WP8S), WindowsPhone8X (WP8X), OneSV.
With the also included extUSB cable also compatible with HTC G1 (Dream/Kila), Touch Max 4G (Quartz), Smart (Rome), Tattoo (Click), HTC Magic G2 (Sapphire/Pioneer), (Hero, G2), HTC Touch (P3450/P3451) (Elfin), XDA Nova (Elfin), MDA Touch (Epoch), HTC Touch Dual (P5500) (Nike), XDA Star (Nike), MDA Touch Plus (Nike), HTC Touch Cruise (Iolite), XDA Guide (Iolite), HTC Touch Cruise 2007 (P3650) (Polaris), HTC Touch Find (Apex), XDA Orbit 2 (Apex), HTC Touch Diamond, Xda Diamond/Xda Ignito, MDA compact IV (Victor), HTC Touch Diamond2 (Topaz), HTC Touch Pro (Raphael), Xda Diamond Pro/Xda Serra (Raphael), MDA Vario V (Rhodium), MDA Vario IV (Hermann), HTC Touch Pro2 (Rhodium), HTC Touch Viva (Opal), HTC Touch 3G (Jade), HTC Touch HD (Blackstone), HTC P6500 (Sedna), XDA Mantle (Sedna), HTC P6300 (Panda), XDA Argon (Panda), HTC TyTN II (P4550/P4551) (Kaiser), XDA Stellar (Kaiser), MDA Vario III (Kaiser), VPA compact V / v1615 (Kaiser), HTC P4350/P4351 (Herald), XDA Terra (Herald), HTC P3600 (Trinity), SPV M700 (Trinity), HTC P3470 (Pharos), HTC P3300 (Artemis), HTC P3301 (Cruiser), XDA Orbit (Cruiser), SPV M650 (Artemis), MDA Compact III (Hero, G2), HTC P3350 (Love), HTC TyTN (P4500) (Mercury), XDA Trion (Hermes), SPV M3100 (Hermes), MDA Vario II (Hermes), VPA Compact 3 / v1605 (Mercury), Qtek 9000 (Universal), XDA Exec (Universal), SPV M5000 (Universal), MDA PRO (Universal), VPA IV / v1640 (Universal), Qtek 9100 (Prodigy), XDA mini S (Prodigy), SPV M3000 (Prodigy), MDA Vario (Wizard), VPA Compact II (Wizard), HTC S740/S741 (Rose), HTC S730 (Volans), XDA Atmos (Volans), HTC S710/S711 (Vox), SPV E650 (Vox), VDA IV / V1415 (Vox), HTC Snap/Captain, HTC S620/S621 (Excalibur), XDA Cosmo (Excalibur), SPV E600 (Excalibur), MDA Mail (Excalibur), HTC MTeoR (Breeze), HTC S310 (Oxygen), SPV C100 (Oxygen), HTC Advantage (X7500) (Athena), HTC Advantage (X7510) (Athena 1.5), Ameo (Athena), Snap, Touch2 and many more

• Warranty: 12 months

Product number (item): 13502

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