Lynktec TruGlide DUO Stylus

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LYNKtec TruGlide
• Color: black
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• Manufacturer: LYNKtec 
• Model: TruGlide DUO
• Lynktec - TruGlide DUO - Carbon
• Simply the best stylus pen combo available. Now you can draw on your iPad one moment and write on paper the next. Engineered to last with the weight and balance to compete with any quality writing instrument, pick up the TruGlide Stylus Duo the pros are raving about!
• Dual Functionality - Premium ball point pen & conductive microfiber tip stylus.
• Small Stylus Tip Provides Greater Accuracy - The 6 mm microfiber tip allows the stylus to function at any angle.
• Conductive Microfiber Glides Smoothly - Strongly woven patented microfibers eliminate drag & skipping.
• Universal Stylus is Compatible with all Capacitive Touchscreens 
• TruGlide works with iPad, iPhone, smart phones, tablets, and eReaders.
• Beautifully Balanced and Weighted 
• Combines the performance of the TruGlide stylus with a quality ball point pen tip. Compatible with Parker pen refills.
• Warranty: 24 months

Product number (item): 21935

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