Service for iPhone and Apple products

Service for iPhone and Apple products

DICE 2008 LTD. offers warranty and after-sales technical service. For more information, please email: or call: 0877 880334

The repair shop is located in the main warehouse and office at 13 Dragoman str., Asenovgrad. 

Out-of-warranty services currently provided:

- iPhone repair, maintenance and diagnostics. Replacing of display, battery, ribbon cables, sensors, buttons, etc.
- MacBook, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, and all Apple products – repair, maintenance, and diagnostics.

- Repair, maintenance and diagnostics of certain models of smartphones. Replacing of display, battery, ribbon cables, sensors, buttons, etc. 

There are three ways to leave your device in our repair shop:

1. In our service center located at 13 Dragoman str., Asenovgrad or at our office, where you will be issued an acceptance protocol and the device will be send to our repair shop.

2. At our offices in Plovdiv and Sofia, (the addresses can be found here: ), where you will be issued an acceptance protocol and the device will be send to our repair shop.

3. By courier but pack the device well (recommended in the original box and bubble wrap) and send it to us with a brief description of the problem
Please, provide name, phone number and delivery address with this option. След като го получим и първоначално тестваме, ще ви бъде изпратен протокол за приемане и наш сервизен техник ще се свърже с вас, ако трябва да се уточнават подробности.

Attention: be sure to back up your iPhone and remove the password, if any, before sending your device.

Price list (we work with OEM parts or fully original parts where available), all prices are with VAT incl. and an invoice is issued. The price list is for work with OEM parts:

• OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) means that all or part of the materials, technologies, and designs used in the manufacture of this product are identical with the original. These products are not categorized as original because they are not made for that brand, but are completely or almost identical with them. OEMs often do not have just the brand logo or have very slight changes to the product labels. Most often they are manufactured by the same company that produces them for a given brand.

• If you want 100% original part please contact us to find out the price and to see whether it can be delivered

1. iPhone diagnostics (regardless the model): BGN 20 with VAT.
The diagnostics includes troubleshooting your iPhone (if necessary, disassembling the device), cleaning and maintenance. 

2. Replacing of OEM or Fix4smarts batteries (battery included):
-  iPhone 4 battery replacement – BGN 30 incl. VAT
-  iPhone 4S battery replacement – BGN 30 incl. VAT
-  iPhone 5 battery replacement – BGN 30 incl. VAT
-  iPhone 5S battery replacement – BGN 30 incl. VAT
-  iPhone SE
battery replacement – BGN 40 incl. VAT
-  iPhone 6 battery replacement – BGN 40 incl. VAT
-  iPhone 6 Plus battery replacement – BGN 40 incl. VAT
-  iPhone 6S battery replacement – BGN 50 incl. VAT
-  iPhone 6S Plus battery replacement – BGN 50 incl. VAT
-  iPhone 7 battery replacement – BGN 50 incl. VAT
-  iPhone 7 Plus battery replacement – BGN 50 incl. VAT

-  iPhone 8 battery replacement – BGN 50 incl. VAT
-  iPhone 8 Plus battery replacement – BGN 50 incl. VAT

-  iPhone X battery replacement – BGN 70 incl. VAT

3. Replacement of ОЕМ displays (display included):
-  iPhone 4 display replacement- BGN 50 incl. VAT
-  iPhone 4S display replacement – BGN 50 incl. VAT
-  iPhone 5 display replacement – BGN 70 incl. VAT
-  iPhone 5S display replacement – BGN 80 incl. VAT
-  iPhone 5C display replacement – BGN 70 incl. VAT
-  iPhone SE display replacement – BGN 80 incl. VAT
-  iPhone 6 display replacement – BGN 100 incl. VAT
-  iPhone 6 Plus display replacement – BGN 110 incl. VAT
-  iPhone 6S display replacement – BGN 110 incl. VAT
-  iPhone 6S Plus display replacement – BGN 120 incl. VAT
-  iPhone 7 display replacement – BGN 120 incl. VAT
-  iPhone 7 Plus display replacement – BGN 140 incl. VAT
-  iPhone 8 display replacement – BGN 170 incl. VAT
-  iPhone 8 Plus display replacement – BGN 200 incl. VAT

-  iPhone X display replacement – BGN 349 incl. VAT

-  iPhone XS display replacement – BGN 449 incl. VAT

- When replacing the original or original reconditioned display, the replacement price is included in the display price.

4. Replacement of buttons, cables, sensors and other parts – BGN 20 incl. VAT (regardless of the iPhone model)

If you have any other questions write directly to or call: 0877 880334

Attention: DICE 2008 LTD is not responsible for unsolicited goods within two months from the date of the acceptance protocol.