Samsung UV Steriliser (white)

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• Samsung UV Sterilizer
• Color: white
• Out of stock
• Model: UV Steriliser
• Factory-no.: GP-TOU020SABWQ
• EAN: 8801790032842
• UV steriliser with wireless charging. Enjoy easy, powerful sterilisation and charging.
• Intuitive design. Simply close the lid and press the power button to disinfect for 10 minutes. Sterilisation will stop automatically when the lid is open to ensure safety.
• Approved high germicidal efficiency. 99% sterilisation effect. Tested by world-leading inspection and testing companies Intertek and SGS, UV-C light effectively kills up to 99% of harmful germs and bacteria, including E.coli, Staphylococcus and Candida albicans.
• Smooth & elegant. During sterilisation, the magnetic cover keeps the steriliser sealed, giving stability to users. The rubber stopper cushions the impact and buffers noise when opening and closing the case.
• 2 in 1 sterilise and charge at the same time. The ITFIT UV Steriliser utilises Qi wireless technology to fast charge your smartphone. It’s compatible with the latest iOS and Android devices that support wireless charging. To ensure safety, your phone is sterilised only when the lid is closed and charged at the same time.
• Sterilise your daily items. Kill germs on not only your smartphone but also on various items, such as glasses and accessories. The spacious compartment easily accommodates Galaxy S20 Ultra and a wide range of smaller items. Stay clean and healthy with this multipurpose device.
• Make an easy connection with a single USB Type-C port. Use the USB type-C cable to connect UV steriliser with the power adapter.
• Blends in anywhere. Simple but stylish design. The soft colour and smooth design blends in anywhere in the office or at home.
• specification
• Compatible Models: up to S20 ultra
• General Feature
• Sterilization(10 min)
• LED On/Off Mode
• Physical specification
• Dimension: 228x133x49.5 mm
• Weight: 369 g
• Power: 10 W

• Warranty: 24 months

Product number (item): 47907

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