SBS Universal holder Puppi for iPhone, smartphone and mobiles

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SBS Puppi Stand
• Color: blue
• Out of stock
Manufacturer: SBS
• Model: Puppi Stand
Puppi is a universal stand and it's compact, lightweight and fantastic. Fix and unfix it is simple and easy: it integrates a practical suction cup that allows you to apply it on the back of your phone. Thanks to this small support you will able to place your mobile or smartphone in a vertical or horizontal position on the desk ensuring the best use of each feature. Its lightweight and small size make it a perfect accessory to store in your bag and take with you.
suction cup fixing
fixing and removal simple and fast
lets you use your phone vertically or horizontally
small, compact and lightweight
made of durable silicon
application on the back of the phone (for better grip removing the case)

• Warranty: 12 months

Product number (item): 11013

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