Wowfixit Titanium Screen Protector

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• Displex Liquid Glass
• Color: clear
• In stock

• Manufacture: Displex
• Model: Titanium Screen Protector
• EAN: 5999887385056
• Invisible liquid glass protection for your smartphone or mobile device (including the display)
• Composed of nanoparticles of titanium dioxide
• Thanks to nanotechnology, liquid glass smooths the surface of the display and gives it a hardness of 9th degree on Mohs scale
• Nanoparticles combine into a crystalline structure that guarantees stability and durability of impact up to 6 kg
• High-tech nano-sealant
• Improves the sensitivity of the display and contributes to more convenient scrolling
• Hygiene surface - reduces fingerprints and fat on the screen
• There is a repulsive effect of lubrication
• Extremely easy installation (follow the instructions)
• Provides antibacterial protection removing up to 99.9% of bacteria known to science
• Protects against water, moisture (hydrophobic) and greasy substances (Oleophobicity)
• Easy installation (follow the instructions in the box)

• Compatible: Glass screens for smartphones and tablets

Product number (item): 40245


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