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    Portable speakers are very popular among young people choosing to have fun in non-traditional locations, such as in the forest, in the park, and wherever there is no power supply. What kind of varieties you will encounter with us and their features will be discussed in this paper.

What speakers we offer

There are a lot of options that would be of interest to both demanding consumers and more demanding, for whom price is not a leading factor in choosing. They differ by their power, design and connection.

All of them must have a source of audio, and this can be a phone, tablet, or computer using Bluetooth wireless technology.


Among the technical parameters in the selection it is important to take the following indicators:

- power - Output power is extremely important, especially if you often listen to music with friends outdoors. In such case, the indicator should be higher because the sound is easily distracted in wide open space while in the room, it is reflected by the walls and goes back;

- frequency range - with extended frequency range, the sound will be better. The upper limit in this case is from 10,000 to 25,000 Hz;

- support for different types of connectivity - with plenty of ports, the compatibility of the sound system with more different gadgets will be greater. At least, it is recommended to have a USB connector for charging external devices;

- battery capacity - wireless Bluetooth solutions must be equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery that is recharged periodically. The greater the capacity, the longer it will play with a recharge;

- weight and size - a particularly important parameter provided you always carry with you the mini-speakers when you go out. The lighter and smaller they are, the less space they will occupy in the pocket, the backpack, the bag;

- dust and moisture - an additional bonus that is increasingly provided by manufacturers. If this feature is important to you, look for the IP index and a number from one to ten in the feature list. As big as the figure, the higher the degree of water resistance;

Why buy them from Dice.bg

Because we always offer quality mobile solutions at the fair prices and with a guarantee of the origin and quality of the workmanship. Each of the offered goods is guaranteed and comes to you with a full set of accessories. Whenever you have difficulty buying, choosing or otherwise, you can contact our customer support team. They will give you the necessary assistance to buy the product you want. We are expecting you!