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    The mouse and keyboard are a required periphery for any desktop and laptop computer, but there are also variations that we intend to introduce to you and give some general guidelines for choosing the right one.

What species you will find

We have wired and wireless options. Wireless are connecting each other through cable or bluetooth. An extremely convenient solution if you hate the cables and want to get rid of them as much as possible. This applies to both keyboards and mice. On the other hand, in our assortment you will find special gaming models if you are a gamer. They differ by their traditional ergonomic design, additional functional buttons and spectacular backlight.

Which mouse and keyboard to choose

Often the choice of this type of periphery is limited to the purchase of anything but to work at the lowest possible price. Such a move, however, is wrong, especially if you are a person whose professional development is related to the computer. In this case, you need to comply with certain requirements in order to get maximum functionality, comfort in use, and not to hurt your hands.

    first select the connection interface. It may be wired or wireless, usually based on the USB connector. With the wireless model, you get a miniature transmitter that is plugged into the USB connector on your computer and it exchanges bluetooth data;

    Additional buttons - If your work requires the availability of additional programmable buttons to quickly launch a particular program or otherwise, provide for a similar extra to exist in your future purchase.

Why buy from

Because in the online store you find everything you need in one place and at affordable prices. Secondly, you get complete security when shopping because your personal data is stored in encrypted form on securely protected servers. Moreover, each product is provided with a long-term warranty that gives you peace of mind while using it, and if you need help with selection, contact our experts. Welcome!