Samsung Galaxy Note 9 accessories

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The Galaxy Note series of smartphone-enabled consumer products has been upgraded with a further enhanced addition from the 9th generation, offering a number of innovations. Now we will look at the basics of them and see which accessories will provide us with more functionality and usefulness.

What features and characteristics does Samsung Galaxy Note 9 have?

A key feature of the model, as well as all representatives of the Note line, is the company stylus S-Pen. However, this is not just a pen for direct writing on the screen, it performs a number of different system management operations. With it you create not just very accurate drawings, but the convenience of navigating the sites is almost as great as the mouse on the computer. The other functions of the device are worthy of a modern flagman and they look as follows:
  •  8GB of RAM - it's just enough to work with any current Google Play app. Even allows multitasking mode without any delays;
  •  66.4-inch display - The incredible screen is a high quality matrix providing WQHD + resolution of 1440 × 2960 pixels, contrast and detailed picture. Here you have all the space on the front panel;
  •  4,000 mAh capacitive battery with efficient power saving system that delivers intense work with one recharge one full working day;
  •  Advanced Cooling - Engineers of the South Korean company have been able to implement into the device a sufficiently efficient cooling system that can handle even a high load in action games.

Which types of accessories will help make it easier to use

If we break them into two main categories, namely protective and functional, it is first and foremost a good idea to introduce the options capable of providing maximum protection against mechanical effects. These are the cases and glass protectors that reliably protect the elegant and beautiful glass housing of the device. We offer both models that protect only the rear of the smartphone and options that provide complete protection.

The next functional accessories are the additions that extend the technical capabilities of Note 9. These are, for example, wireless charging stations where you do not have to wonder where to place the outgoing cables.

All these options and many more will be easily found in the online store where the diversity is huge. Each of the products in the range is tested for compatibility, so you can be fully confident that by buying from us, you get a full-featured widget with warranty. If you have any queries or hesitations in your choices, please contact us. We are expecting you!