Samsung Galaxy S10E accessories

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Incorporating the front camera directly into the display, Samsung's South Korean manufacturer has made the frame of the new Galaxy S10E smartphone even thinner and invisible. With this, an increase in screen size was achieved without changing the parameters of the housing itself. But it still remains glassy and vulnerable to slight impacts. That is why we offer you a full range of protectors, whose varieties will be presented below and will share some features in the right choice.

Which accessories are suitable for this type of smartphone

The compatible case for a smartphone perfectly matches the ports of its connectors and control buttons. Just placing your device in the case will tell you whether you are offering a truly tailored accessory or trying to sell you another product. We personally pre-inspect each of the items for full compatibility and then we release them for sale.
That's why you can be sure that by ordering from us, you'll get a 100% matched addition that fully matches the shape, size and layout of the buttons. However, there are some peculiarities in the selection, which we will discuss below.

What we need to pay attention to

When choosing it is important to pay attention to:
  • the type - there are several types that are mainly divided into open or closed. In the first case, we only have a backscreen, and the display is constantly open, so you basically protect the back of your device. The second type is so called "wallet" because it opens and closes in a similar way, protecting the whole device from both sides;
  • the material - it may be silicone, polycarbonate, natural or artificial leather, and so on. Perhaps it is unnecessary to mention that the lather option is the long-lasting but also the more expensive;
  • the color - color variations are a lot and with us you will find bright or dark patterns, and even transparent, so you can see the natural color of the smartphone. Here the preference is entirely according to the user's taste;
  • the functionality - additional functionality lets you see the date and time, for example, and who is calling you without opening the device. Others have even an extra compartment for card and document insertion, and others have a small solar panel to charge an external battery from the sun.

Are they shock-proof

All varieties to one degree or the other are resistant to slight impacts, but if your work is such that there is a possibility of a phone falling from a height of about 1-2 meters, it is advisable to take the necessary measures in advance. Specially reinforced protectors are available to absorb all impacts and pressures to protect the fragile glass case.
Also called bumpers, they are designed with reinforcement materials that make them extremely resistant to various physical impacts, and also have a special rubber coating to make accidental slipping from the hand almost impossible. At the same time, the appearance looks elegant, beautiful and sophisticated for increased comfort when used.
If you want to provide full and long-lasting protection for your Samsung Galaxy S10E, come online at Here you will find an amazing variety of models with a guarantee of compatibility and durability. Come in!