USB-C hubs and adapters for additional features.

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    Hubs and adapters are suitable additions if you want a single port to do a lot of things. What they represent and their application will be discussed in the following rows.

What Traveled Hubs are

For example, USB-C lets you get a mix of various other devices, such as USB, HDMI or SD. It is a miniature panel that houses the incoming single connector and the other outputs. This way you can include additional peripherals to work with.

Adapters converting from one port to another, allowing you to include peripherals whose connector becomes compatible with an electronic gadget (computers, laptops, phones). They usually have a single port for both connected devices.

What they serve for

According to their specifications, their purpose is different. Sometimes they are used simply to load one or several mobile gadgets or to exchange data between the individual connected periphery. They are also used to transmit sound and picture to a large screen and audio system as well as network connectivity between electronics.

Generally, with similar hubs and adapters, almost all combinations of connectivity and data transfer are possible between the additional gadgets. This can even be additional elements that enhance the capabilities of your home electronics, making them work in sync and complement each other in functionality.

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