Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge accessories

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Thanks to its elegantly curved end-to-end display, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has won the sympathy of many consumers around the world. It first enabled the reading of messages whose content appears in the side curve of the screen and some other similar options. However, its fragile housing must be protected with the appropriate accessories, so here are some solutions to this.

What we need to know when choosing an S6 Edge accessory

When we come to a situation where we make our selection in this direction, first of all we should be aware of what we want to achieve with our new purchase? Complete or partial protection of the housing or the display? Simply personality of design or additional functionality? Just answering these questions will actually clarify the preference.

As we know, the mobile accessories market is extremely saturated with all sorts of variations, but each one has its purpose, and the more we are aware of its ultimate need, the easier it will be to distinguish itself from the vast diversity. Here are the varieties you will find with us.

Wide choice of different types

We will divide them on:

• Protective - If the goal is to provide reliable protection, then you should focus on the covers or the cases. All of them partially or completely protect only the back cover or display and also a combination - a case + glass screen protector. So with one you protect the back cover and with the other – the glass on the screen. The hybrid cases will protect your device from falling and heavy hits, protecting the housing from the side and rear with its special, sturdy construction designed to take the impact of the shock, saving the smartphone;
• Functional - adds functionality to the existing one in the phone. They are usually miniature and wireless but do not always provide a certain level of comfort. These include, for example, the wireless charging blocks, which look more like a stand on which the smartphone is placed. They are actually just that, but with a built-in wireless charging option;
• Supplementary - such as car stands, allowing the smartphone to quickly and qualify be fixed to the car dashboard. Among them are different models, such as magnetic, universal, etc. They actually complement the comfort of using the phone;

To preserve the beautiful and elegant appearance of your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, come online at where you will find a new and quite expanded range of varieties. Each of the types described above will be available in our store, so be sure to check out the entire product range. If you have difficulty choosing or shopping, you must see us.