Samsung Galaxy Note 8 accessories

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 Galaxy Note 8 is among the smart devices designed for business users in need of a portable and handy pocket PC. Now we will actually find out if the people using it are happy with it and what are the favorite accessories and their characteristics.

What are the opinions of this type of smartphone?

First of all, note gadget users point to the convenience of working with the S-Pen and the functionality it provides. Through it, you can easily navigate through the device and the internet without the problems associated with large screens. In addition to creating drawings and pictures, you can use the built-in pen to manage various applications and presentations.

Another nice surprise for tablet users is its dual 12MP camera with optical image stabilization. It provides an opportunity for focusing the captured object, also called the "bokeh". The people like it because it allows focus on the subject and the image itself looks more professional.

The next thing that really impresses the users of Note series smartphones is their large and high-quality screen, the size of which is 6.3 inches. Based on the Super AMOLED matrix, the display is extremely contrasting and the image reproduced on it is bright and detailed with "vivid" colors. The characteristic of this type of matrix is that it has no additional LED backlighting, and each pixel illuminates individually and the reproduction of the black color is the deepest and real.

Most preferred types of accessories

Like all modern smartphones, this one is entirely covered with Corning Gorilla Glass toughened glass, making it look extremely elegant and beautiful, but also quite prone to scratches and cracks. So, with its purchase, we must also get a case or protector to protect against physical effects and accidental drops.

Other popular types are so called hybrid cases, the feature of which is the presence of additional elements absorbing the hits and the strong physical impact on it. They also prevent from slipping and chance of accidental drop due to their special multiple layers of protection that absorb shock vibrations.

The following preferred accessories are the complementary or expanding functionality elements. They come in the form of docking stations, stands, wireless chargers, cables, etc.

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