External SSD hard disk for your data. Fast, easy and comfortable data transfer

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    External memory can be said to radically move the CDs and DVDs out of the market thanks to its undeniable advantages and qualities. Next, there is a significantly greater storage and storage capacity and, most importantly, more reliable as an information medium. We will now understand what the USB stick is and its purpose.

What is flash memory

It is a miniature pocket, capable of storing the recorded information over time, even in the absence of a permanent power supply. The connection to the computer device is usually performed through the different varieties of the USB connector. In today's solutions, the speed of information exchange is extremely high and the transfer of large amounts of data is done literally in minutes.

Modern flash drives, also called USB sticks, do not contain removable mechanical parts in themselves, unlike hard drives (HDDs), and are therefore considered to be more reliable data carriers. Also, there is almost no mobile device today that is not compatible with this type of data storage widget. They consume little electricity and can be very portable.


They are mostly used to transfer and store software, audio and media files. They are compatible with a large number of portable mobile gadgets such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, desktops, TVs, cameras, and so on. And now you probably have a question in your head about how to make a flash record? The process is extremely easy! Let's explain the steps:

- place the widget into the corresponding connector on the computer. Wait a few seconds until it is read and recognized by the system.

- go to the folder where the file you want to copy is located

- click on the right mouse button and select "Copy / Copy" from the popup menu that appears,

- now click on the detected recognized device in My Computer and click anywhere in the empty place again.

- from the popup menu that appears, select "Paste / Paste" and the file will be saved.

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