Mujjo Leather Touchscreen Gloves (8.5 size)

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• Mujjo Leather Gloves
• Color: black
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Manufacturer: Mujjo
• Model: Leather Touchscreen Gloves
• Take any call, wearing leather gloves
• Regular leather gloves don’t work with touchscreens; these gloves do! These leather gloves work flawlessly with almost every touchscreen, enabled by revolutionary nanotechnology.
• Hightech meets fashion
Made of the finest Ethiopian lambskin, the glove has been uniquely designed from the ground up to be touchscreen compatible. The leather is soft, warm and durable like one would expect from excellent leather. Contemporary, balanced and elegant design combined with an unprecedented touchscreen experience make these gloves truly unique. A special treatment makes the leather wind- and waterproof, soil resistant and provides excellent anti-microbial properties.
• Incredible design, detail and finishing
The glove has two press studs on the heel to which the leather strap can be fastened depending on wrist size of the user. The leather strap crosses a notch on the wrist boasting a contemporary yet quintessential urban look. The matte finishing of the leather, the sophisticated matte black leather button and a slant line on the heel of the glove contribute to a well balanced minimal but unique look. The design is the result of a careful study into the best way to balance performance, aesthetics and an unrestricted touchscreen experience. Highly skilled European artisans, who guarantee the utmost attention to detail and precision throughout the entire gloves, craft each piece.
• Nano technology
Capacitive touchscreens work by sensing the conductive properties of your skin. Revolutionary nanotechnology integrated into the leather of the gloves mimics the conductive properties of the human skin; this makes the gloves touchscreen compatible. The nanotechnology functions independent from the human skin, this enables us to fully insulate the gloves with a layer of soft 100% wool lining. The leather fully retains its characteristics, affording the wearer maximum comfort and dexterity just like any other glove. The gloves are designed from the ground up for the purpose of an unrestricted touchscreen experience.
• Unrestricted experience
Competitor's touchscreen gloves are often restricted to functionality in one or two fingertips. In contrast, Mujjo’s touchscreen gloves offer an unrestricted touchscreen experience and enable you to use all your fingertips and even the palm of your hand. No more metal dots or silly patches that offer limited use.
• Compatible with almost every touchscreen
Regular leather gloves don’t work with touchscreens; these leather gloves do. You'll be able to answer a call or send a text without taking them off. Mujjo's leather touchscreen gloves work with all capacitive touchscreen devices including - but not limited to - iPhone 6 (and earlier models), Galaxy, HTC, LG or whatever touchscreen phone you're using. They even work on your iPad.
• Finest Ethiopian lambskin
Made from the finest Ethiopian lambskin, known for offering the best isolation properties of any kind of leather. Mujjo’s leather touchscreen gloves do not only provide functionality, but also warmth, durability and a comfortable fit. The matte finishing of the leather contributes to a minimal yet quintessential urban look.
• Wind and waterproof
The lambskin is lined with 100% soft natural wool to keep the damp, cold winter weather at bay. A special treatment makes the leather water and windproof, soil resistant and provides excellent anti-microbial properties.

• Warranty: 24 months

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