MyGuard UV-Box Sterilizer With Wireless Charger (grey)

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• MyGuard Sterilizer
• Color: grey
• In stock
• Manufacturer: MyGuard
• Model: UV-Box Sterilizer With Wireless Charger
• Factory-no.: 4S468737
• EAN: 4250774951572
• Cleans your phone while it is charging - the MyGuard Disinfection Device with Wireless Charger removes germs, bacteria and mould from your phone without chemicals or toxic cleaners.
• If you want to be on the safe side, you no longer disinfect your equipment, but sterilize it. The difference here is that you no longer reduce the number of bacteria and mould that cause illness, but you entirely eliminate them from your equipment

• Product features
- Charging function: The inductive charger quickly recharges your QI-compatible smartphone with up to 10W and without an annoying cable.
- Intuitive: Just place your device on the charging surface in the box and the charging process starts automatically.
- 360° disinfection: Use the time while your phone is charging and free it from 99.9% of all unwanted bacteria and harmful viruses. 6 ultraviolet lamps disinfects it from all sides.
- Aromatherapy: Boost the positive feeling of pore-deep cleanliness with a pleasant fragrance. Fill a few drops of aromatic oil into the opening and start the scenting at the push of a button. The result is a purity that you can smell. Oils sold separately.
- Big storage capacity: Also suitable for large Smartphones up to 6.7" and other objects such as headphones, keys, jewellery, toothbrushes, mouth protection, ...and much more.
- Safety: To protect your eyes from dangerous rays, the UV lamps switch off automatically when you open the lid during the disinfection process.

• Technical data
- Duration of a disinfection process: 5 minutes
- Duration of a scenting process: 5 minutes
- Input power: DC 9V/1.67A
- Output power charging surface: 10W
- Output power disinfection: 2W
- Output power scent: 1W
- Product dimensions: 22.5x12.5x4.5cm
- Inner dimensions: 19.7x10.4x2.7cm
- Wavelength of ultraviolet light: 270-275nm

• Consumer information
The UV cleaning process has been tested in an independent laboratory. The test successfully killed bacteria (Escherichia Coli, Steptococcus Pneumoniae) and fungus (Candida Albicans, Aspergilius Niger) on the inserted objects.

• Charging function
For fast charging, a fast charger with e.g. Qualcomm Quick Charge, Power Delivery or Samsung Adaptive Fast Charge is required (sold separately). Some devices require a special battery cover to charge wirelessly!
• Disinfection
The MyGuard Universal Disinfection Device works by UVC light with a wavelength of 270-275nm. Scientific tests, including studies by the Fraunhofer Institute (IOSB), have shown that the short-wave, high-energy UVC radiation with a wavelength of 200 to 400 nm can effectively eliminate bacteria and viruses. It is absorbed by DNA, destroys its structure and inactivates living cells. In order to protect skin and eyes from unwanted harmful rays during application, the UV lamps of our disinfector switch off automatically as soon as the lid is opened.

• Packing contains
- MyGuard Universal Disinfection Device with Wireless Fast Charger
- Charging Cable

• Compatible with all devices with a screen diameter of 6.7"
• Warranty: 24 months

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