Orbotix Sphero BB-9E

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Orbotix BB-9E
• Color: black
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• Manufacturer: Orbotix
• Model: BB-9E
• There’s a new disturbance in the Force. BB-9E™ is a menacing astromech droid of the First Order. Control your BB-9E App-Enabled Droid with your smart device or watch it patrol on its own. BB-9E houses sophisticated tech, allowing it to roll and move his dome just like on-screen, and its strong exterior allows the First Order droid to weather any battle. This vigilant and intimidating droid is always on high alert. BB-9E specializes in keeping starships and machinery fully operational with its many features. Keep BB-9E sharp with the augmented reality Droid Trainer and explore holographic simulations from the Star Wars™ galaxy. Watch BB-9E interact with other Star Wars App-Enabled Droids by Sphero, and view films from the Star Wars saga with BB-9E reacting by your side. This is NOT the droid you’re looking for… it’s the droid that’s looking for you
• Authentic Movement // Whether you’re driving or on Patrol, BB-9E rolls just like on-screen.
• Holographic Simulation // Explore the Star Wars galaxy with the app and the Droid Trainer.
• Droid-to-Droid Experience // Watch BB-9E interact with other Star Wars App-enabled Droids by Sphero.
• Watch With Me // View films from the Star Wars saga with BB-9E by your side.
• Signature LEDs // BB-9E’s dome is equipped with vibrant LED lights.
• iOS & Android compatible
• Durable plastic shell
• 3D Accelerometer
• LED Lights
• Bluetooth connection (100 foot range)
• Inductive charging (over 1 hour of play on a full charge)
• Free App: Star Wars App-Enabled Droids by Sphero app available through iTunes or Google Play
• Height: 9 cm / Width: 7.3 cm / Weight ~223 g

• What's in the box
- BB-9E App-Enabled Droid
- USB Charging Cord
- Droid Trainer
- Legal Guide
- Charging Base

• Warranty: 24 months

Product number (item): 32685

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