Philips Geometry Table Lamp 660469316 Anthracite, Metal, 1.5 W, Neutral White, 2.6 W, 39.6 mm (anthracite)

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• Philips Table Lamp
• Color: anthracite
• Out of stock
• Manufacture: Philips 
• Model: Geometry Table Lamp 
• Part number: 660469316
• Let the sleek Philips Geometry LED desk light be your favorite reading companion.
• Plug this detachable desk light into your USB power supply and enjoy ample illumination with its rotatable shade, in a soft chic silicon gooseneck design. 
• Cool white light Light can have different color temperatures, indicated in units called Kelvin (K).
• Lamps with a low Kelvin value produce a warm, more cosy light, while those with a higher Kelvin value produce a cool, more energising light.
• This Philips light offers cool white light that keeps you energised
• On/off switch. With the button discreetly integrated onto the lamp, you can easily switch the light on and off.
• You can rotate the lamp head of the Philips lighting fixture in the desired direction and bring light where needed.
• Easy to assemble. The compact, modular elements slot together in minutes, and are easy to transport, carry and install.
• Mains power: 5 V, 50-60 Hz
• Bulb technology: LED, Safety Extra Low Voltage
• Number of bulbs: 1
• Wattage bulb included: 1.5W
• Maximum wattage replacement bulb: 2.6 W
• Light color: cool white
• Total lumen output fixture: 180 lm
• Fixture dimmable: No
• Built in LED: YES
• Lifetime up to 15,000  hrs
• Class of protection: III - safe extra low voltage
• Warranty: 24 months

Product number (item): 37792

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