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    Removable batteries, also called Power Bank, are an external optional miniature battery for charging one or several mobile devices. Such a gadget is usually used in cases where a lack of traditional power supply is expected for a long time. Due to their huge variation, one can easily go wrong and for this we will now explain the steps for proper selection and how to use it.

How to choose an external battery

The process of choosing is not at all complicated, as long as we are aware of the things to keep track of:

    Capacity - the most important indicator to keep track of when we go to the store. It is indicated by the manufacturer in mAh. It depends on how long your electronic gadget will receive energy. This indicator must be at least twice than the inside battery of your smartphone.

    Strength of current - it depends on the charging time. As much power is, the faster the process will complete. For smartphones, the standard is 800 to 1200 mAh, and for tablets - from 1500 to 2000 mAh.

    Sizes - you should know that as the capacity of a bank is bigger, its size is increasing. In this case, the choice depends on your needs. If you often travel, it is advisable to bet on the more capacitive and outline solutions. If you're the only person to recharge your smartphone, you'll get a more compact accessory.


        a good option is the product to have a charge indicator. You will be informed in more detail about the residual energy and you will consider when it is needed to switch it on to the charger (below will be discussed in more detail).

        A good option is to include a number of different adapters that allow the inclusion of individual devices.

        There are also models with a built-in solar panel that allows the charging of a charged current from the sun. The perfect alternative if you are in a place where there is no power supply at all.

How to use

It is mostly preferred for tablets, mobile gadgets, phones, laptops, smartphones and other similar electronics. The use starts with plugging the data transfer cable into the portable battery. In this case, the two connectors must match completely to make the connection. Then, the other end of the cable connects to the GSM connector and the charging will begin.

How it loads

When the charge indicator indicates that the voltage drops, you need to turn on the rechargeable accessories. For this purpose, a special charging block for the traditional electrical contact is package included. The supplied connection cable will help you connect the two components. Then it is time to monitor the charge indicator periodically and turn off after fill charge..

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