4smarts Power Bank Enterprise 2 20000mAh 130W with Quick Charge and PD (gunmetal)

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• 4smarts Enterprise 2
• Color: gunmetal
• Out of stock
• Manufacturer: 4Smarts
• Model: Power Bank Enterprise 2 20000mAh 130W with Quick Charge, PD
• Factory number: 
• EAN: 4250774954351
• Power for days - High-performance extra battery with 4 ports for external power supply of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.
• Product features
• Universal: With 130 watts of total power and three USB outputs, this powerhouse lets you charge multiple devices simultaneously at high speed, whether it's a MacBook Pro, iPad, GoPro, Bluetooth speakers, Nintendo Switch and many more.
• Mobile: If there's no power outlet available, this power bank provides all your mobile devices with new energy - perfect for business trips.
• Extra: The convenient, included storage pouch with three large compartments protects your Powerbank from scratches during transport and helps you keep everything tidy. Here you can safely store your iDuos, your smartphone and various accessories such as charging cables or headphones and everything stays right in place.
• Fast: Conventional powerbanks with a capacity of 20.000mAh need about 6 hours to recharge. This powerbank manages this in just under one hour.*
• Versatile: Not only devices with power delivery benefit from fast recharging. The Enterprise 2 is a real all-rounder as it also supports other fast charging standards such as Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 or Samsung Adaptive Fast Charge.
• Safe: Although the power bank is extremely powerful, you don't have to worry. We only use certified cells and short-circuit proof charging electronics with overcharge and deep discharge protection. In addition, each powerbank is tested several times before shipping.

• Technical data
• Battery type: 4x Tesla 21700 Li-ion
• Capacity: 20.000mAh
• Charging time of the Powerbank: approx. 60 minutes (with 100 Watt mains charger and cable, sold separately)
• Micro USB input: DC 5V/2A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A
• USB-C1 input/output: DC 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/5A  PD/PPS
• USB-C2 input/output: DC 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/2A, 20V/1.5A PD
• USB-A Output: DC 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A QC3.0
• USB-C1 single output max PD100W
• USB-C2 single output max 30W
• USB-A single output max 18W
• USB-C1+USB-C2=100W+30W, 2 outputs simultaneously, total 130W
• USB-C1+USB-C2+USB-A=100W+10W+10W, 3 outputs at the same time, total 120W
• USB-C2+USB-A=10W+10W, 2 outputs simultaneously, max. 20W
• USB-C1+USB-A=100W+18W, 2 outputs simultaneously, total 118W
• USB-C1 + USB-C2 input = 65W+30W 2 inputs at the same time2, total 95W
• USB-C2 + Micro USB input = 30W+18W 2 inputs at the same time2, total 48W
• Supports pass-through charging, while USB-C1 input, USB-C2 and USB-A output can be used simultaneously
• Supported fast charging protocols Smartphones and tablets: QC3.0/SCP/PE2.0/FCP/AFC/BC1.2
• Supports conventional 5V/2A charging of mobile phones and digital products

• Charging cable: 5A, USB-C to USB-C, 30cm
• Conversion efficiency: 85% (max)
• DC/DC efficiency: 76% - 82
• Output efficiency: 70% ± 5%.
• Battery life cycles: 800, 4x more than lithium polymer batteries
• Aviation Aluminium alloy + ABS
• LED charge level indicator

• Dimensions: 151.8 x 75.1 x 24.5 mm

• Weight: 515 g

•  Consumer information
*The included USB-C charging cable supports fast charging of up to 100 watts. To charge at full speed, you'll need a mains charger with Power Delivery and at least 87 watts output power. Laptops need a USB-C input (like MacBook Air / MacBook Pro) to charge via this power bank.

Package contains
- 1x Enterprise 2 powerbank black
- 1x Charging cable USB-C to USB-C 100W
- 1x Pouch for storage
• Warranty: 24 months

Product number (item): 52441

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