Baseus Cylinder Slide-cover Waterproof Bag (white)

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• Baseus Waterproof Bag
• Color: white
• Out of stock
• Manufacturer: Baseus 
• Model: Cylinder Slide-cover Waterproof Bag
• Factory number: ACFSD-E02
• EAN: 6953156206373
• Explosion-Proof, Waterproof and Anti-Fog
Cylinder Slide-cover Waterproof Bag
• Enjoy Water Activities with Your Phone
Always protect your phone against water in various scenarios.
• 30m Waterproof and Explosive-proof
IPX8 waterproof rating offers comprehensive protection to phones against explosions in the deep sea with high pressure.
• A Strong One-Piece Lanyard
The one-piece design prevents a phone from dropping compared to the buckle design.
• Anti-Fog Material, HD Photos
Imported transparent TPU, not easy to become yellow, anti-fingerprint, allows taking HD pictures or videos in true colors.
• A Tough Comfortable Cotton Lanyard
A cotton lanyard is soft, anti-broken, comfortable, and tough to wear underwater.
• Unlock a Phone Instantly
Easy to unlock a phone underwater instantly.
• Thinner Edges, Larger Capacity
Suitable for up to 7.2-inch phones. For all models.
• Swivel lock and slide-over design
A swivel lock can fix the slide-over for better sealing and avoid dropping.
• Five-layer waterproof seal
Dual waterproof sealing strip, a rolled-up sealing strip, a slide-over cylinder, and swivel lock form a five-layer waterproof seal to protect phones.
• IPX-8 waterproof rating
It can prevent a phone against water even in the deep sea with high pressure.
• Transparent TPU
Transparent TPU windows on both sides allow taking pictures or videos and facial recognition.
• A cotton lanyard
A cotton lanyard is tough, anti-broken, and comfortable to wear.
• Sensitive response
Phones can respond sensitively even in the waterproof bag.
• Compatible with all devices with a maximum size of 7.2 inches

• In the box:
- Baseus Cylinder Slide-cover Waterproof Bag
- Carrying strap with clip

• Warranty: 24 months

Product number (item): 53535

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