Dice+ Universal Board Game Controller for tablets

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Board Game Controller
• Color: white
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• Manufacturer: Dice+
• Model: Universal Board Game Controller
Great fun and emotions for everyone
Gather your family and friends around and surprise them with DICE+!
Hours of fun and comfort in use
Turn on DICE+ by flipping it upside down and play for hours. You can be sure that DICE+ will properly detect all your rolls and give you comfort while playing the game.
Completely new gaming experience
Change your tablet into an interactive game board and have DICE+ send results of your rolls or moves to your device! Fate is back in the players’ hands
Enjoy a digital version of board games without losing the pleasure of throwing the dice! Keep all the magic, excitement and uncertainty involved in traditional dice rolling and make the digital characters move accordingly.
BLUETOOTH 2.1 AND 4.0 - an embedded dual-mode module to enable wireless communication with 15+ foot range
ARM MICROCONTROLLER WITH TEMPERATURE SENSOR - provides processing power for the entire system and monitors charging process
3D-SHAPED PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD - the pioneering, innovative shape of PCB forms the base for the electronic components
MAGNETIC FIELD SENSOR - determines orientation in 3D space, indispensable for proper roll detection
PROXIMITY SENSOR - recognizes when the controller is being touched which allows DICE+ to be thrown just like a traditional dice!
ACCELEROMETER - measures acceleration, enabling DICE+ to become a fully functional game controller

• Warranty: 24 months

Product number (item): 14429

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