4smarts Wireless Power Bank StickyVolt 5000 mAh (black)

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• 4smarts StickyVolt
• Color: black
• In stock
• Manufacturer: 4Smarts
• Model: 
Inductive Power Bank StickyVolt 5000 mAh with Qi
• Factory-no.: 4S468697
• EAN: 4250774982859
The most intuitive mobile charger: Simply attach this power bank to the back of your smartphone via suction cups and the charging begins automatically and completely wireless

Product features:

- Wireless: You don't have to carry a cable anymore, because this power bank charges your smartphone as soon as it's attached.
- Adhesive: On flat surfaces, the power bank adheres to your device via suction cups. This ensures that the charging process is not even interrupted  in your pocket or purse.
- Enduring: The rich battery capacity completely charges up to one and a half smartphones before itself has to be charged.
- Robust: The metal housing makes it extremely robust and durable.
- Compact: The case is just 9mm thick and therefore hardly any wear.
- Convenient: If you want to take pictures, you don't have to interrupt the charging. Your lens is free when you rotate the power bank sideways.

Technical data:

- Input power Micro-USB: DC 5V/2A
- Output power USB: DC 5V/2A
- Output power wireless: 5W
- Battery type: Li-Polymer
- Battery capacity: 5,000mAh
- Dimensions: 131x68x9mm
- Weight: 137g
- Plug of the supplied cable: Micro-USB to USB Type-A
- Cable length: ca. 20cm

Compatible with all devices, that can be charged via Qi
• Package contains:
- 4smarts Power Bank StickyVolt 5000 mAh with qi
- Micro-USB to USB Type-A charging cable
• Warranty: 24 months

Product number (item): 41022

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