Adonit JOT PRO Stylus Stylus (black)

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• Adonit JOT PRO
• Color: black
• Out of stock

• Manufacturer: Adonit 
• Model: JOT PRO Stylus 
• The most precise basic stylus for writing and drawing on the iPad. 
• Immediate accuracy on iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, and most other touchscreen devices.
• The Precision Disc™ creates an exact contact point with the screen to write exactly where you place it.
• The cushion tip dampens screen contact for fluid, quiet writing.
• The solid aluminum and steel body is built for quality feel and function.
• Just touch Jot to any screen to start writing. Then clip anywhere to carry, so it's always close at hand.
• Tip: Precision disc
• Length: 123mm with cap closed
• Diameter: 9.5mm
• Weight: 20g
• Compatibility: iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, Android, Windows, and most touchscreen devices.
• Warranty: 24 months

Product number (item): 20654

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Rate Adonit JOT PRO Stylus - алуминиева професионална писалка за таблети (черен)
Comments /3/
DC wrote
Adonit изработват стайлуси от най-висок клас и най-вече за професионална употреба.
Ванката Градинаров wrote
Мба, просто е прецизна и качествена, има писалки и по 200 лева, но те са вече за професионална употреба.
Свой wrote
А с плутонии ли работи, че струва толкова?